Internet users frustrated with poor customer service, busy signals / disconnections or excessive pricing can now switch to the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for their needs. Many ISPs use proprietary software for email and on-line only storage of address book and calender information etc., and make cancellation difficult thus, until now, users faced a considerable effort in switching ISPs. TrueSwitch, removes these barriers providing users with the freedom to choose the best ISP for their needs. We have more information on TrueSwitch features and functions.

Many leading ISPs offer TrueSwitch Services to help their users move from their old service provider. TrueSwitch has proven highly effective in increasing customer aquisition rates and improving retention (which is often low once the initial "free" trial period expires). We have more information on how to become a TrueSwitch partner.

TrueSwitch is developed by Esaya, Inc., a privately held company specializing in online customer information switching solutions for Internet Service Providers, Online Banking and Financial Services and Mobile Telephony. Esaya is located in New York City.



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